Tenets of Great Health

Tents of great health

4 Key Tenets of Great Health

If you want to stay in shape, protect your health, and enjoy a long life, then you need to know the four key tenets of great health. The four pillars are stress control, nutrition, sleep, and physical fitness. Let’s take a look at each of them in a bit more detail.

1. Stress Control

This is important for both your mental health and physical, yet it’s something that is often overlooked. We write off stress because so many of us are stressed. Unfortunately, you have to deal with it head-on. When you can say no, avoid unnecessary meetings and activities, it’s a start to managing it. It’s all about simplifying life as much as you can.

2. Nutrition

It might not be easy to achieve, but it’s certainly easy to understand. The issue is that most of us have been misinformed… pretty much our entire lives. Obviously, the majority of people know that fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy, but there’s a bit more to it than that.

For example, there are certain foods that promote disease, including trans fats, added sugar, refined wheat, and any processed food. The healthy foods you should fill your diet with, in addition to fruits and vegetables, include lean meats, wild fish, and whole grains. You can improve your nutrition with some of these tips.

  • Shop with the season – buy the fruits and vegetables that are in season. Nature knows what you need when you need it, plus, seasonal fruit and veg is always more affordable.

  • Try creating a meal plan and use it to build your shopping list. It will help you stay on track; you may also be able to do some meal prep to make life easier.

3. Sleep

Like stress control, this is also vitally important to both your mental and physical health. Just like stress control, it’s often overlooked. It may be important to visit your doctor to ensure you don’t have a sleep disorder if you have chronic sleep issues.

While many people brag about living in just a few hours of sleep every night, they are damaging their health. No one thrives on a lack of sleep. Professionals recommend seven to nine hours for adults, but it does vary from person to person Get the sleep you need. Typically, the big number we go by is seven. You can improve your sleep routine with these tips.

  • Avoid caffeine after 2 pm.

  • Don’t eat in the three hours running up to your sleep time.

  • Always rise and go to sleep at the same time each day.

  • Ensure that your bedroom is in complete darkness.

  • Only use your bedroom for the purpose of sleeping.

  • Turn the lights down around an hour or two before bed.

  • Avoid screens in the hour before bed.

4. Physical Fitness

The fourth and final tenet of great health is your physical fitness. Not everyone is sporty or athletic, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find an activity that you enjoy and that works. The key to maintaining great physical fitness is doing activities that you enjoy so that exercise doesn’t feel like a chore. So, if you enjoy hiking – do that and take walks when you can’t go as far as a hike.

If it’s swimming or cycling that you enjoy, prioritize that. Don’t choose workouts based on how many calories they burn, unless you are following a calorie-restricted diet. Just enjoy 150 minutes of exercise each week and try your best to include strength training, as well as both high and low-intensity cardiovascular exercise. Also, don’t forget to stretch!

It should go without saying that excessive alcohol consumption, drugs, and tobacco should be avoided. Additionally, maintaining a schedule will help you cut down on things that you could skip or that someone else could do instead. You may be interested in supplements like Omega 3 as well, as this one can be difficult to get if you don’t love fish.

We’re here to help! There are more tips and techniques for health and wellness, and you can check out: Boost Your Wellness, 50 tips for a healthier you in four key areas of life and self.

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