Steam Distillation for Essential Oils

Steam Distillation for Essential Oils

Steam distillation is an essential oil extraction method that has been used for centuries. This is one of the most advantageous techniques for extracting essential oils from plants for a variety of reasons.

Therapeutic oils are 100% pure. Numerous medical and therapeutic purposes. Two types are lavender and peppermint. Lemongrass, chamomile, jasmine. Each is a natural way to relieve stress, alleviate digestive problems, promote calm and relaxation, and boost hunger

The steam distillation method is one of only two essential oil extraction methods that may provide a Therapeutic Grade product. (The other is a cold phrase.)

How Steam Distillation Works to Produce Essential Oils.

How Steam Distillation Works

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Steam distillation uses boiling water, steam, and water, or just steam. In the three different but equivalent steam-distilling processes, the essential oil is generated by the effect of high-temperature steam or water on plant material. The steam causes the plant’s oil membranes to break. The essential oil can escape as a result of this. The oil is then transferred to a condenser.

The resulting substance is converted back to liquid form, with the essential oil floating on top. Oil and water are separated, with the water portion of the steam distillation process referred to as flower, hydrosol, or hydrolat water. That water is removed, and the remaining liquid is 100% essential oil.

What Equipment Is Used in the Steam Distillation Essential Oil Process?

The effectiveness of the oil derived from the plant is influenced by everything that interacts with it. In the steam distillation process, this comprises the condenser type, separator, and cooking chamber. That is why cooking chambers made of non-reactive, non-toxic metal are favored. Stainless steel is the material of choice here.

Furthermore, the sort of steam distillation you utilize will have an impact on the quality of your essential oil. A vertical steam dissolving process, for example, is typically recognized as creating the best oils.

What to Look for When Purchasing Steam Distilled Essential Oils

Find out precisely what happens during the steam distillation process from the producer of your essential oil. Steam distilling plant material to extract essential oil produces a high-quality product, whether it’s done with only steam, steam plus water, or boiling water. However, numerous kinds of equipment may be utilized in this procedure, affecting the finished output.

Low temperature mixed with low pressure has shown to be an effective combination for producing high-quality therapeutic-grade essential oils. This is how ancient civilizations developed essential oils with extraordinarily high potencies gradually and meticulously.

Another point to watch is how essential oil distributors could save money by taking shortcuts. If done properly, steam distillation might take up to 24 hours.

Furthermore, 1 ton (2,000 pounds) of raw ingredients sometimes yields just 1 pound of oil! Inquire with your essential oil supplier about if they decrease the distillation duration or use solvents in their essential oil distraction process. Both of these techniques degrade the quality of your oil, reducing its ability to cure your bodily and mental ailments.

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